How can I Check in with United Airlines Flights?

How can I Check in with United Airlines Flights?

You must go through the check-in process before your departure flight in order to confirm all the specifics of your trip and to inform the airlines that you are eager to join your aircraft and would like to receive a boarding card for it.

If you're new to everything and unsure of how to acquire your boarding card and you've got a ticket booked with United Airlines, then you've come to the right place since the methods listed below will make it easy for you to do United Airlines check in. Refer to this place by TheAirlinesinfo for getting more details on United flight check in.

How does Check-in work for United?

If any of the following apply to your reservation then you will be eligible for United Airlines:

• The first flight on your itinerary is operated by United.

• There are no more than four flight segments in your itinerary.

• Your travel party consists of fewer than nine people.

• When traveling with United, your passport has already been scanned.

• To finish check-in, utilize an airport kiosk or the United app and scan your passport.

And for the following, you may not be eligible for United Airlines check in online:

• Reservations that contain specific special service requests that call for you to meet a United agent at the airport are presently not eligible for check-in on

• The reservation is ticketed on paper.

• Unless you specifically state that you are checking a bag, you are booked in Basic Economy.

Does United Airlines have Online Web Check-in?

Yes, depending on your departure location and destination, you may proceed with United Airlines check in online beginning 24 hours and ending 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. You will then receive a mobile boarding pass on your smartphone or a printable boarding pass. If the initial flight is on United Airlines (UA), you have an electronic ticket, you can access your reservation using the confirmation code, e-ticket number, or frequent flyer account, and you are not a special needs traveler, you can use this option (for example an unaccompanied minor or traveling with a pet).

Is Mobile Check-in Available on United Airlines (UA)?

Yes, based on your departure city and destination, you can check in for your United Airlines (UA) flight using a mobile phone beginning 24 hours and terminating 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. You will then obtain a mobile boarding pass on your device. If you meet the following criteria and are departing from an airport that accepts mobile boarding passes:

• you have an electronic ticket and the first flight is on United Airlines (UA);

• you can access your reservation using your confirmation code, e-ticket number, or frequent flyer account;

• you are not a special needs passenger (for instance, an unaccompanied minor); and

• you are not a special needs passenger and if it is not the case then you may check in for your United Airlines flights and print the boarding pass at the self-service kiosk or ticket counter of UA.

Does United Airlines (UA) allow Check-in at the Curb?

Yes, from 30 minutes to 4 hours before the departure time, you may check in the curbside for your United Airlines (UA) aircraft at the majority of U.S. airport sites (based on your departure airport and destination). You must check in using a photo ID and your flight reservation code, destination flight number, or electronic ticket number. For a complete list of connected airports and the latest check-in times, visit the United Airlines (UA) website.

If your itinerary qualifies, you will have the choice of choosing Auto Check-in for the remaining segments of your travel or a return flight when you check in for the first part of your trip. When the 24-hour window for the departure of your last segment or return trip is reached, Auto Check-in would take the appropriate actions for checking you in for the flight. The option to obtain your boarding card by email, mobile device (if applicable), or print at a self-help kiosk is available when you select this feature.

FAQs Regarding United Flights check in

What time should I arrive at the boarding gate for United flight check in?

For flights operated by United Airlines (UA), boarding ends at the following times:
For flights within the United States, 15 minutes prior to planned takeoff
30 minutes before the majority of foreign flights to/from the US are scheduled to take off. Some airports outside the United States stop boarding 60 minutes before the departure time. For complete information, visit

How to get a checked bag on United flight check in?

This service is now offered to passengers who need to check bags as well as those who only need to bring carry-on luggage. Using one of our ticket counter kiosks is the quickest option to check your bags after you arrive at the airport.

Can the United flight check in using my mobile phone or another device be possible?

Yes. You can check in for your United flight using a wireless-capable device. Use the internet browser on your device to visit

What happens if the boarding pass doesn't print on my computer or if I print it but misplace it?

Your boarding pass can always be printed again from a different computer (by checking in again). Any airport kiosk will allow you to print a new copy of your boarding pass.

Can I check in on if I purchased my ticket via a travel agency?

Yes. All reservations that have an electronic ticket can be checked in on

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