How Do I Cancel my Fiji Airways Flight?

How Do I Cancel my Fiji Airways Flight?

The national carrier of Fiji, Fiji Airways (trading as and formerly known as Air Pacific), offers international flights from its hubs in Fiji to 23 cities and 13 nations. It has an extended network of 108 overseas destinations through its codeshare partners.

Uncertain times can ask you to cancel your flight for which you can refer to this page that elaborates on the process of how to cancel your Fiji Airways flights along with relevant policies. If you need further information or require clarification on anything, you can reach out to TheAirlinesInfo any time you want.

What is Fiji Airways Cancellation policy?

  • Passengers must be fully informed about Fiji Airways Cancellation policy. We will attempt to take into account a variety of factors relating to the airline's cancellation policy in the aforementioned suggestions.
  • According to Fiji Airlines Cancellation policy, customers can simply cancel their flights within 24 hours of making their first purchase. If the booking was made one week before the scheduled departure of the flight, airlines will also give you a full refund in this situation.
  • The passengers are responsible for paying the cancellation fees if the flight is canceled after 24 hours.
  • Both domestic and international flight cancellations with Fiji Airways are subject to a set cost. The cancellation cost is determined by a number of variables, including the number of passengers, ticket price, travel class, and others.
  • Either online or offline modes can be used to process a flight cancellation swiftly.
  • The kind of ticket and the time of cancellation also affect the cancellation policies and subsequent refund procedures.
  • For effective operations, Fiji Airways advises its customers to abide by the 24-hour cancellation policy set forth by the airline's management.

How Do I Cancel my Fiji Airways Flight?

If you are looking to cancel Fiji Airways flights, then you are required to call the Fiji airways customer service number 011 679 672 0777 or email at & request a prompt refund. To cancel your flight online, carefully follow the steps listed below.

  • When you arrive at the Fiji Airways official website, navigate to the "Manage my Bookings" area.
  • You must enter your surname, the booking reference number, and other pertinent information at this stage.
  • After carefully filling out these fields, tap the "Submit" button.
  • You may now see your reservation. Review your reservation's specifics thoroughly.
  • You can "Cancel a flight ticket on Fiji Airways" at this stage. Please choose and touch the cancellation option.
  • Your flight is canceled after finishing the sixth step, and you must pay the cancellation fees in accordance with the terms and conditions and several other criteria.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from the airline's administration as soon as your payment is complete.
  • Now, you can also request a refund by completing the form on the company's official website.

Via Call

  • To cancel a ticket, you must first speak with Fiji Airways' customer support team.
  • Let the aviation executive know why you want to cancel your ticket.
  • You can now check the progress of your refund for your airline ticket.
  • At the airport
  • You must first make your way to the airport where you plan to catch your flight.
  • The second need is that you to visit the Fiji Airways Air Ticket Office.
  • You can now speak with an aviation executive in person about canceled tickets, explain the situation, and get your money back into your account.

Via Email

You could request a refund from the airline by email if you purchased your ticket online. Please email explaining your need to cancel and including the required documentation.

Following receipt of your letter, the airline will confirm your cancellation and eligibility for a refund before returning the funds in accordance with Fiji Air's cancellation policy. Fill out the inquiry form on the airline's official website, though.

Fiji Airways Cancellation Fee

After the risk-free cancellation window of 24 hours, Fiji Airways will charge you a fee of USD 100 to USD 500 for canceling your ticket.

You'll be charged a USD 100 to USD 400 Fiji Airways cancellation fee if you change your flight's departure date or time less than 24 hours in advance. You can also request a cancellation after canceling your flight reservation.

How Do I Get a Refund from Fiji Airways?

Getting a Fiji flight refund is quite convenient and can be done from the online website itself. Go to their website and then scroll down to find the option of Contact us. On that page, you will find the option of Flight Credits & Ticket Refunds that will help you to request a refund of your directly purchased Fiji ticket, please “Submit Ticket Refund Request”.

You will receive the refund from the airline within 4 to 7 business days. And if you paid with cash then you will get the refund in 20 business days.

What will happen if Fiji Airways Cancels the Flight?

If Fiji Airways cancels your flight for any reason after the 30th of September 2021 after you have purchased your ticket, the cost of your ticket will be automatically applied to your flight credit. However, if you decide not to use your flight credit for a future trip, Airlines will fully reimburse your payment in the original form. You must complete the application with all the necessary information in order to receive a refund.

Additionally, if Fiji Airways must cancel a flight due to unforeseen circumstances, it pays passengers compensation in exchange for their bookings on the airline's upcoming flights. You will also be offered preference from the airline’s end if your flight gets canceled by the airline.

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