How Do I File a Complaint with Southwest Airlines?

How Do I File a Complaint with Southwest Airlines?

The largest low-cost airline in the world and a major airline operating in the Southwest States is Southwest Airlines. Dallas, Texas serves as the home base for Southwest Airlines, which has over 121 destinations in the Southwest United States and in 10 other countries. It broke the previous record for domestic travelers set in 2018.

Southwest Airlines is a well-known and reasonably priced airline. There are numerous ways to contact any airline if you have a problem with it and want to voice your displeasure. You must adhere to the procedures outlined below on this page, which are given by TheAirlinesInfo and will help you file a complaint with Southwest Airlines.

How Do I Contact Southwest Airlines for Complaints?

Let's say you're ready to file a Southwest complaint. The official website, email address, Southwest Airlines customer support phone number, and social media handles are all methods to get in touch with Southwest in that situation. Any quick and straightforward techniques that help you connect with them are welcome.

Official Website

You may easily file a complaint using this company's official website. To do this, go to the site and look for the complaint option. The actions that you must take are listed below:

  • You must first visit the official Southwest website, navigate to the airline complaint office, and then select the feedback option.
  • Go ahead and start a new page, then select the "complaint, please" option.
  • You must next choose any paths that appeared on the pages if there is any other Southwest issue.

Through Contact Number on Southwest

There are ways to get in touch with someone to file a complaint. Please look up the number and call them to report the problem and get it fully resolved. The actions to take are listed below:

  • Go to Southwest's official website and look for the "contact us" link.
  • Next, contact +1 888-413-6950 once you have the Southwest Airlines Phone Number.
  • Choose your language and dial the relevant number when you call for virtual assistance.
  • Press one digit to voice your complaints about anything.
  • Press the 3 number if you want to make adjustments or cancel the flight.
  • And you have to push the seven buttons in order to contact them.

Email Address

You must do the following actions in order to make a complaint about Southwest Airlines using the company's official email address: -

  • To contact Southwest Airlines, you must first visit their official website and then choose the contact us link.
  • Select the official email address under the feedback option.
  • You then need to write your complaint about it.
  • Lastly, it will be more valuable if you have any documents to attach.

All platforms have social media accounts that are accessible; using the official URLs provided here, you can immediately contact them.

Chat Process

The procedures listed below can be used to access the live chat function on the mobile app and file a Southwest Airlines complaint:

  • Launch your preferred browser and navigate to to download or upgrade the Southwest mobile app to version 6.1.0 or above.
  • Launch the Southwest application and log into your account.
  • To access the menu, click the sandwich-shaped icon that appears in the upper left corner.
  • To file the Southwest complaint, find the "Contact Us" link by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Now, all it takes is clicking the Chat link to speak with a genuine Southwest agent.

The Live Chat service is accessible from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm Central Standard Time, it should be noted. Additionally, only English is currently available for live chat support.

If you wish your Southwest complaints to be emailed to them then you can do so or you can write your grievances to their corporate address:

Co. Southwest Airlines

Postal Code 36647-1CR

75235 Dallas, Texas

We really hope that all of the Southwest Airlines-related information provided here will be helpful and aid you in submitting a complaint to Southwest Airlines. If you encounter problems while contacting Southwest Airlines with your complaints, you can utilize the above-mentioned official contact number or customer service.

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